1935 to 1939








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This will be an attempt to try to determine the numbering pattern or all known Michigan World War One (The GREAT War) Veterans (Vv) license plates.

Approximately 175,000 Michigan residents served in "The Great War" as it was known at the time.  There were 5,000 Michigan residents killed during The Great War, and approximately 15,000 wounded.

As no records of the issuance of these plates was kept by the State of Michigan, theoretically, 170,000 sets of these plates COULD have been issued EACH year from 1935 to 1939.

Information on some of these plates comes from sales of plates on e-Bay, and other known sales or offers of sale.   Other information comes from fellow collectors, who have been kind enough to let me know what "Vv" license plates they have in their collections.

Names of owners, buyers or sellers will not be listed on the web page unless the owner, buyer or seller wishes it listed.  These names are in my own private files.


While I am hoping EVERYONE who reads this and has "Vv" plates in their collection will let me know the numbers) they have, a photo or scan of the plate would also be appreciated.




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