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Natural Validation Stickers


Follow the links below to see photos of the Michigan Passenger License Plates By Month - Natural Stickers (only one month-year sticker per plate).

This covers the period 1980 to Present, starting with the 1979 base plate:

Month-year validation stickers began with the 1980 validation year, which was the 1979 base plate (white on black), and continued on this base until the 1993 expiration year.

Month of expiration continued with the 1984 white on the blue base plate, which was the ONLY year that Michigan issued license plates WITHOUT a YEAR of EXPIRATION date or sticker on them. 

Month & Year validation stickers continued with the 1985 registration year with the white on blue base plate.

Which was followed by the optional "World's Motor Capitol (Old Car) graphic plate which was issued for one year only -  1996 - With 1996 & 1997 Natural Validation Stickers ONLY. !!! 

This plate was renewable, with validation stickers, after 1996/1997, but the license plate itself was only issued during the 1996 calendar year.

 This was followed closely by the optional "Great Lakes Splendor" Bridge Graphic license plate which began in 1996, with 1997 expiration dates, and was last issued in December 2006, with 2007 expiration dates.:


On January 1, 2007, a new "regular issue" license was phased in, to replace the white on blue base plate first issued in 1983.  All white on blue bases should be replaced by December 31, 2007.  This new base is a blue on white "Scotchlite" sheeted base, with "" along the bottom of the license plate:

In addition, a "Spectacular Peninsulas" graphic plate was also made available at $5.00 extra, to replace the "Great Lakes Splendor" Bridge Graphic plate which began in 1996, and was last issued in December 2006. 

All of the "Great Lakes Splendor" Bridge Graphic plates should be replaced by December 31, 2007:


Any not shown are not presently in my collection.


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A complete collection through 2006 would include 432 license plates.



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